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  • Agriculture
  • Airports
  • Animal Services
  • Building & Safety
  • Business Support Services (Printing & Reprographics, Mailroom, Records Management)
  • Community & Economic  Development 
  • Convention Center/Tourism/Cultural Affairs
  • Customer/Consumer Service
  • Environment and Safety
  • Facility Services
  • Fleet Services
  • Government (City/County/State/Federal)
  • Health, Human, and Social Services
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Legal Services
  • Library
  • Non-Profit/Grants/Donations/Gifts
  • Ports and Waterways
  • Public Relations
  • Public Works
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation & Parks
  • Utility

    Agriculture    top.gif (1323 bytes)

    U.S. Department of Agriculture


    Airports International links to facilities and services at over 300 airports worldwide.

    National Transportation Safety Board

    Animal Services

    American Zoo and Aquarium Association offers access to the "Communiqué'" publication.

    ZooNet provides a directory to zoos worldwide.

    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a National Shelter Outreach feature that lists available training for shelters including animal placement, public relations, and volunteer programs. Also available is the text from handouts covering topic such as "Building Relations Between Staff and Volunteers".

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    Building & Safety   top.gif (1323 bytes)

    Building and Fire Research Institute is a part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The site provides access to research on products that provide for the safety or environmental quality of constructed facilities.

    Business Support Services (Printing & Reprographics, Mailroom, Records Management)

    U.S. Post Office provides postage rates, information on delivery services, and the ability to download forms.

    Federal Express delivery services

    UPS delivery services

    Business Forms Management Association gives you access to documents about the forms systems profession.

    Find the zip code for any address!

    Routing and scheduling with help, get from one location to another with specific instructions and a step-by-step map.

    Community & Economic  Development    top.gif (1323 bytes)

    National Affordable Housing Training Institute includes a glossary of housing terms.

    The Urban Institute investigates social and economic problems, government policies, and the public and private programs designed to address them. Also has a "Hot Topics" section.

    National Association of Regional Councils features "News & Alerts" along with a "Clean Air Clearinghouse".

    Look to The National Association of Planning Councils for news and an overview of community planning.

    Convention Center/Tourism/Cultural Affairs  top.gif (1323 bytes)

    International Association of Fairs and Expositions offers industry news.

    International Festivals and Events Association features News & Tips and a Conferencing System to receive feedback and exchange ideas.

    International Special Events Society has the ISES Forum and access to EventsWorld magazine.

    International Association for Exposition Management represents the trade show and exhibition industry with "Global Perspectives Newsletter".

    ArtsNet leads you to arts management and development resources.

    National Association of State Arts Agencies highlights news, corporate grantmakers on the web, and private foundations on the web.

    Customer/Consumer Service 

    Council of Better Business Bureaus provides a wealth of information with Alerts & News, a Business Reports Database, Charity Reports & Standards, and a Resource Library.

    Environment and Safety top.gif (1323 bytes)

    Water Environment Federation features Technical Issues and Public Information.

    Facility Services

    Ergonomics from Office Organix and ErgAerobics.

    Maintenance Manager's Newsletter has a number of helpful articles.

    FacilitiesNet offers industry news and access to "Building Operation Management", "Maintenance Solutions", and "Energy Decisions publications".

    Fleet Services  top.gif (1323 bytes)

    Truck Fleet Management magazine provides links to equipment and service providers.

    Government (City/County/State/Federal)


    FedWorld is a comprehensive source of information on federal agencies.


    The Council of State Governments focuses on policy solutions and leadership training.

    The National Conference of State Legislatures provides a comprehensive information resource on critical state issues.

    National Association of State Information Resource Executives has StateSearch, a directory for state government information arranged by subject.

    National Governors Association (NGA) has established the "NGA Center for Best Practices".

    County  top.gif (1323 bytes)

    National Association of Counties discusses issues such as welfare reform. Provides access to "Coast-to-Coast" magazine, general reference information, issue briefs, model programs, and sample ordinances.


    Municipal World magazine

    U.S. Conference of Mayors features "Best Practices of City Governments" with contributions from across the country.


    State and Local Government on the Net is one of the best sources to government websites at the federal, state and local level.

    Library of Congress State and Local Governments

    National City Government Resource Center links to websites throughout government.

    Health, Human, and Social Services top.gif (1323 bytes)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

    American Public Health Association features news and legislation.

    A wealth of information exists at The Center for Law and Social Policy. Included is access to documents on Block Grant Provisions, Early Implementation, Child Support, and State Welfare Waivers.

    HandsNet on the Web links the human services community with Action Alerts, Weekly Digest, and Welfare Watch.

    Human Resources & Training top.gif (1323 bytes)

    Looking for ideas on family friendly programs for your organization?

    Benefits & Compensation Solutions magazine’s on-line version with current issues and features on effective management.

    National Skills Standards Board identifies skills required for various occupations and an update on initiatives.

    Society for Human Resource Management has an impressive collection of links on Compensation & Benefits, Labor Relations, Management Practices, Flexible Work Arrangements, Safety & Health, HRIS, Diversity, Education & Training, and Legal Issues.

    The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is an international toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Legal Services  top.gif (1323 bytes)

    Free samples of selected business forms.

    The "Net's Biggest Collection of Legal Forms".


    Association of Research Libraries has useful information on programs, projects, and collaborative efforts.


    Gifts In Kind provides donation management services for corporations.

    The Reuter Foundation presents a free information source for disaster organizations. The site includes information on political and natural crises including lists of government officials and travel advisories.

    Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee

    Energize looks at all issues involved in operating non-profit organizations.

    National Center for Nonprofit Boards covers service on nonprofit boards.

    The Chronicle of Philanthropy is the internet edition of the publication. Topics included "Managing Non-Profit Groups" and "Fundraising".

    Ports and Waterways 

    Ocean News supplies news on various ports worldwide.

    Public Relations

    Public Works  top.gif (1323 bytes)

    American Public Transit Association features statistics on public transit and weekly on-line news updates.

    Transportation Research Board is part of the National Research Council promoting research on the nature and performance of transportation systems. The site provides access to online publications.

    Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) Information Clearinghouse was established by Congress to improve performance, safety, and durability of our nation's roads. You'll have access to the "Focus Newsletter" and SHRP documents.

    American Congress of Surveying and Mapping offers news briefs, references, and resources.

    Order publications online from the Solid Waste Association of North America.

    Real Estate 

    Commercial real estate brokers site provides links to the major commercial real estate brokers.

    Recreation & Parks

    National Recreation and Parks Association features "Parks & Recreation" magazine and an information center.

    Utility  top.gif (1323 bytes)


    American Public Power Association offers public power news and online access to selected periodicals for members.

    Edison Electric Institute

    Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) offers access to research.

    Electrification Council promotes environmentally sound and efficient use of electric energy.

    Institute of Public Utilities provides a sampling of research.

    North American Electric Reliability Council focuses on the reliability of bulk electric supply. Also featured are Operations and Planning Standards and downloadable files on various topics.


    National Telephone Cooperative Association includes Business & Technology information.


    Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies features conferences and discussions on Management, Privatization, and Regulation.

    The American Water Works Association features Safe Water Programs, white papers, policies, and positions.

    Water Quality Association provides a wealth of information including access to the current Consumer Water Quality Survey, technical papers, a glossary with over 2,000 definitions, and special reports.

    General  top.gif (1323 bytes)

    Scott Rubin's Public Utility Home Page links you to the public utility industry.

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