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You have to interview for a government job whether its to get on the civil service list or to get hired off the list.  The Complete Interview Guide includes:

  1. Exclusive!  The 50 Toughest Interview Situations
    Matt & Nan DeLuca, authors of the best seller "Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions".  Answers to the toughest interview situations including:

  • Gaps in your work history

  • Low grades

  • Changing jobs

  • Terminations and lay-offs

  • Closing the interview

  1. Interview Success Plan
    Step-by-step instructions to identify possible interview questions, illegal interview questions, structure your answer and build confidence for the interview.  Use the Interview Checklist to cover all the important steps.

    • Identify possible interview questions

    • Learn how to sound natural and unrehearsed

    • Build confidence

  2. Interview Questions Set
    Review hundreds of possible interview questions and answer tips for 29 different skills and abilities categories including:

    • Career Goals

    • Communications

    • Customer Service

    • Education

    • Experience

    • Interpersonal Goals

    • Motivation

    • Teamwork

    • Working Effectively with Others

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us and we'll immediately refund your fee - no questions asked.

The civil service test process is a competition.  Order now and get the edge on your competition!

Note: The Complete Interview Guide consists of two PDFdownload files at 107k and 558k.

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