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Materials Management Interviews
Warehouse Worker

Description:  Under supervision, performs a variety of manual tasks related to the operations of warehouses. The essential functions of this job include: receiving, storing and issuing materials such as lumber, pipe, plumbing supplies, office supplies, furniture and equipment; delivering and installing supplies, furniture etc.; maintaining office equipment and furniture, and making minor repairs; erecting scaffolding where needed; assembling small tools and equipment; keeping inventory records manually and by computer; operating machinery related to storage and material moving such as forklift, pallet jack, dollies and hand trucks. Also performs related duties as required in large warehouse facilities. May require some heavy lifting.




Practice Interview
  1. Tell us about your experience in warehousing.
    Focus on the aspects of your experience that apply to this position.
  2. What are the steps to lift a box safely?
    Review your safety manual.  Remember to minimize strain on your back and to wear a belt.
  3. What experience have you had with barcoding materials?
  4. When would you use a pallet jack instead of a forklift?
  5. Assume that you've been hired as a Warehouse Worker and you're in charge of the toolroom.  All tools must be checked out.  If one of the work crew members demands a tool and says that checking tools out isn't required, how will you handle the situation?
  6. Do you have anything to add?