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Information Technology Interviews
Information Systems Analyst II

Review the description. A number of the underlined keywords have links to interview questions for that keyword or job function.

Description:  Advanced technical and analytical work in programming and systems analysis for microcomputer information systems projects in the Project Management Division. Work involves analyzing, designing, programming, testing, installing, documenting, and maintaining computer application programs which have a moderate degree of complexity. Employee in this class applies appropriate programming languages, report generators, application generators and high level interpreters to complete assigned tasks. Position incumbent assists in the development of new automated approaches to current systems and/or procedures; prepares systems specifications and technical documentation for applications; develops reports, maintains data bases, provides operational support and assists user agency personnel in utilizing automated systems and applications. Work also includes working as a team member on broader or more complex projects, effectively interfacing with technical and non-technical personnel within and across agencies. Performs related work as required.


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Practice Interview
  1. Tell us about your qualifications for this position?
  2. Tell us about your experience in working on a team of technical and non-technical employees?
    Teams are about working effectively with others.  Highlight your effectiveness with others particularly non-technical and your accomplishments.
  3. What are the three constraints on a project?
    Result, budget, and time.
  4. You've been given the assignment to develop a training program for a new application.  Approximately 30 staff will require training.  What steps will you take in developing the training?
    How do you know what to include in a training program without an assessment?
  5. Your assignment is to prepare the specifications to purchase a new application.  What will you do?
    Among the considerations - user participation, identify the objective or deliverable for the applications, and hardware platform.
  6. Tell us about your experience in programming?
    If you feel you're weak in programming experience, you may want to mention any formal training you've had.
  7. A number of users continue to have difficulty in using a new application.  The number of help calls is far and above the average for all other users.  How would you address this problem?
    User issue, hardware issue, or software issue?
  8. Is there anything we've missed?