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Information Technology Interviews
Technical Staff Assistant

Review the description. A number of the underlined keywords have links to interview questions for that keyword or job function.

Description:  Under general supervision, provides administrative support to City Departments.  Orders and tracks the delivery of computer equipment; troubleshoots problems and performs maintenance and minor repairs to hardware and software; provides ongoing user support to City personnel.  Provides one-on-one training upon request.   Gathers and manipulates data enabling residents to access data via the City website.


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Practice Interview 1
  1. How are you qualified for this job?
  2. What steps would you take prior to approving payment for computer equipment?
    Among other things be sure to check the purchase order and verify receipt in working condition.
  3. What experience have you had in creating graphics?
  4. Assume that you been appointed as a Technical Staff Assistant. You've been asked to train one of the Department manager's on a PC application. What will you do to make sure that the training is as effective as possible?
    Might mention if a gap analysis has been performed. Otherwise, focus on identifying (ask) the training needs and addressing those needs.
  5. What is your greatest strength?
    This is a people job, so emphasize a people "related" skill.
  6. What guidelines might you follow in determining the types of data that should be made available via the public website?
    Include data that can inform but also what requests can be processed electronically.
  7. How would you go about prioritizing your assignments?
    Consider legal requirements, public safety issues, monetary penalties, due dates, ask boss.
  8. Is there anything we've missed?

Practice Interview 2

  1. Tell us about your present job.
    Focus on the aspects of your current job that are the most relevant to the job you're interviewing for.
  2. One of the City's vendors calls and begins to berate you. Apparently, the vendor hasn't received payment for an invoice that has been overdue for 3 months. What will you do? Traditional irate customer. Let them vent, identify the problem, find who can solve the problem, and follow-up.
  3. What aspect of your current job do you dislike the most?
    Don't focus on those aspects which are vital to the job you're interviewing for.
  4. You've been given the assignment to work with the clerical staff to automate a certain process. What steps will you take in carrying out this assignment?
    Identify the objective, solicit input, encourage involvement and ownership, id alternatives, recommend solution w/cost benefit analysis. Following implementation, monitor.
  5. You've come across a particularly difficult problem with a manager's PC. What resources will you rely on to resolve the problem as quickly as possible?
    Suggest keeping a database of problems, maybe an on-line database so users can access. Don't reinvent the wheel.
  6. Tell us about your experience in collecting and analyzing data?
    Focus on the analysis or a particularly challenging data collection situation.
  7. What are some of the benefits of allowing citizens to access data on a municipal website?
    Convenience, reduce cost of processing just to name a few.
  8. Have we missed anything?