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Networking links you to professional associations.  Included are on-line newsletters, identification of hot topics, policy discussions, and issue statements.  These websites have discussion forums for members and local chapters for additional networking opportunities.

After you've reviewed the Networking resources, check these out:






















































































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American/International Association of Airport Executives features an Information Library and Resource Center. The Resource Center includes airport-related statistics, acronyms, and abbreviations. A Government Affairs area offers federal, regulatory, and environmental information.

Animal Services

American Association of ZooKeepers has an informative feature on ZooKeeper careers.

Building and Safety  top.gif (1323 bytes)

Building Officials & Code Administrators, International contains information on the National Building Code, National Fire Prevention Code, National Property Maintenance Code, International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code, and International Private Sewage Disposal Code.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors talks about electrical safety and safety in the workplace.

International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials highlights news and information.

Council of American Building Officials offers model codes and access to "The CABO Newsletter".

Business Support Services (Printing & Reprographics, Mailroom, Records Management)  top.gif (1323 bytes)

Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc.

International Publishing Management Association is dedicated to in-house professionals who provide graphic design, layout, print, copy, mail, and distribution services.

Convention Center/Tourism/Cultural Affairs  top.gif (1323 bytes)

Professional Convention Management Association offers "Convene", the journal of professional convention management covering meeting management, technology, legal issues, and negotiation. Also has research studies on the industry.

International Association of Assembly Managers represents public assembly facility managers including auditoriums, arenas, convention centers, exhibit halls, stadiums, performing arts theaters, and amphitheaters. "Facility Manager" and "Crowd Management' publications are also available.

Customer/Consumer Service   top.gif (1323 bytes)

International Customer Service Association provides access to publications only with membership.

National Association of Service Managers site features "The Bulletin of the National Association of Service Managers" online.

Economic & Community Development    top.gif (1323 bytes)

American Institute of Certified Planners is sponsored by the American Planning Association.

American Planning Association (APA) provides articles from "Planning" magazine, current planning issues, and APA research.

Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations includes suggested readings in transportation planning.

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials features "NAHRO Affordable Housing and HOME" with information on affordable housing resources and examples of innovative uses of programs and resources with a focus on local housing authorities. Also has information on legislation.

Environment and Safety   top.gif (1323 bytes)

American Academy of Environmental Engineers

American Society of Safety Engineers features selected articles from "Professional Safety" Journal.

Facility Services  top.gif (1323 bytes)

National Association of State Facilities Administrators has publications and research that must be ordered.

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

National Association of State Directors of Administration and General Services

The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers provides best practices and staffing studies.

International Facility Management Association includes a Buyers Directory, definitions, acronyms, and summations of research.

International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc. offers news.

Fleet Services  top.gif (1323 bytes)

National Association of Fleet Administrators offers members only access to "Fleet Executive" and "Fleet Focus" publications.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has the Virtual Toolbox with the International Auto Technicians Network that aims to create an online community, Training Resources for online training resources, and I/M Information that focuses on Inspection/Maintenance programs.

Government (City/County/State/Federal)  top.gif (1323 bytes)

International City/County Management Association offers books, articles and survey data online. Issues that were addressed when we looked included base reuse, business attraction and retention, and curfew ordinances. The information on "The Council Manager Form of Government" is an excellent resource.

Military Network offers resources on medals, pay, benefits and more.

National Association of Postal Supervisors has "The Postal Supervisor" publication online.

Professional Development League is for senior managers in the Federal government. Access to current issues and "Action News Magazine".

Health, Human, and Social Services  top.gif (1323 bytes)

American Medical Association website offers news, advocacy, abstracts from JAMA, "The Journal of the American Medical Association".

American Society of Clinical Pathologists has news and summaries of selected articles from the "American Journal of Clinical Pathology".

National Association of State Medicaid Directors features position papers and alerts on policy issues.

Human Resources & Training  top.gif (1323 bytes)

Society for Human Resource Management charges a fee for white papers, but offers great information through access to HR Magazine, HR News, online articles from across the country, issues management, and Lexis Nexis.

Employee Involvement Association – For those involved in employee suggestion plans and other employee involvement activities.

American Society for Training and Development

National Association of State Personnel Executives access to quarterly "State Personnel View".

Legal Services  top.gif (1323 bytes)

American Bar Association

National Court Reporters Association has a library of information and presents the latest on technology.

Library   top.gif (1323 bytes)

American Association of Law Libraries provides guidelines and policies for law libraries and access to press releases.

With the American Library Association check out the hot topics under "News & Views, Library Advocacy & Support, and LARC Fact Sheets for interesting information and statistics on libraries.

American Society for Information Science access to "The Bulletin".

Special Libraries Association features employment and career services along with information resources.

Non-Profit/Grants/Donations/Gifts   top.gif (1323 bytes)

Association for Volunteer Administration

Ports and Waterways

American Association of Port Authorities provides insight into legislative issues.

Public Relations  top.gif (1323 bytes)

Public Relations Society of America

International Association of Business Communicators has "Communication World Online".

Public Works  top.gif (1323 bytes)

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials provides access to "AASHTO Journal - Weekly Transportation Report" and ISTEA Recommendations.

Institute of Transportation Engineers highlights standards.

Real Estate

Property Management Association

Recreation & Parks   top.gif (1323 bytes)

Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics features projects, news, and "The Inner Voice" publication.

American Academy for Park and Recreation Administrators



National Association of State Energy Officials covers issues, news, energy facts, and references. Provides links to state energy offices.


Association of State Drinking Water Administrators provides positions statements on drinking water issues and drinking water related documents such as the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996.


National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners offers regulatory news and public policy positions.

Utility Marketing Association is primarily focused on power utilities.

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