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Government JOBSearch Guide for inside tips:

  • How do I find a  government job?

  • Which jobs are advertised? 

  • Which agencies pay more? 

  • Why should I visit a government website? 

  • How do I have the agency notify me of job openings?

  • Where do I find test locations and test dates?

  • Which key words do I use on my application?

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Government JOBSearchTM
JOBSearch Database, Listings and Links

Find the government job for you with our government job resources:

  1. Government Jobs - Overview
  2. Government JOBSearchTM - Job Listings, Links and Databases 
  1. How to Apply for a Government Job  
  2. Getting Hired - Civil Service Exams and Tests
  3. Your Government Job Benefits  


Only high demand and executive government jobs are advertised.  A complete search must include a visit to the agency's website.

Federal Jobs

  • Federal Government Jobs includes top Federal jobs - DEA, IRS, FBI, ATF, INS, Foreign Service, National Parks, overseas jobs with the U.S. Government

Foreign Government Jobs

Government Jobs by Job Title or Function

Government JOBSearchTM

  • Search the Government JOBSearchTM database by keyword, state, county, and city for high demand and other advertised jobs.  Government and non-profit agencies post jobs for free!

Neighborhood JOBSearchTM - State, County, City and Local Government Websites 

Quick Links - Biggest U.S. Cities

Austin, TX

Baltimore, MD
   Baltimore County

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL
     Cook County

Columbus, OH
     Franklin County

Dallas, TX
     Dallas County

Detroit, MI
     Wayne County
Houston, TX
     Harris County

Indianapolis, IND
     Marion County

Jacksonville, FL

Los Angeles, CA
     Los Angeles County

Memphis, TN
     Marion County

Milwaukee, WI
     Milwaukee County

New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ
     Maricopa County

San Antonio, TX
     Bexar County

San Diego, CA
     San Diego County

San Francisco, CA
     City and County

San Jose, CA
     Santa Clara County

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