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Find jobs, understand the hiring process, apply for jobs, and receive tips to take civil service tests successfully.  Here's your guide in five easy steps:

  1. Government Jobs
  2. Government JOBSearch Database, Listings and Links - Search by keyword in the JOBSearch Database, Listings and links for over 700 State, County, City and Local agencies
  3. How to Apply for a Government Job - Application tips
  4. Getting Hired for a Government Job - Learn about the Selection Process
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City Manager

Please let LEAPS-Russell know that you found this job at

Russell, KS (4,597).  A growing, progressive community in NW Kansas.  Excellent schools.  Vacant position.   $12M budget, 83 FT employees.  City-owned water, sewer and electrical production/distribution.  BA/BS degree in public administration or closely related field and/or 3-5 years equivalent experience required.  Electrical utility experience preferred.  Strong management, budgetary, personnel & communication skills.   Excellent benefits package.  Salary DOQ.  Send resume and 3 professional references to LEAPS-Russell, 300 SW 8th Ave., Topeka, KS, 66603.  Open until filed.   Resume review begins 7/19/00.  EOE.


Government jobs exist at the Federal, state, county, city and local government level.  Local government jobs may include utilities, schools and hospitals.  If you limit yourself to working in a particular city or county, then the availability of a Federal, state or local government job may also be limited.

Government jobs opportunities are announced either through a bulletin or job announcement.  The opportunities are open either for a given period of time or are continuous.  Continuous opportunities may be closed by the agency at any time.  Job bulletins or announcements are posted at government offices, sometimes published in newspapers, and sometimes posted on the Internet.

Once you've determined the type of government job that you want and where you want to work, there are three ways of identifying the government job opportunities available to you.

First, you can call the government agencies in the locations that you're interested in.  You can find these agencies by looking in the telephone book.  Ask for somebody in the personnel or human resources function.  Briefly describe  your experience and training and request assistance in identifying potential job opportunities. 

If you identify a job opportunity and there is no examination for the job, ask to be notified for the examination.  The agency will notify you when applications are being accepted for a specified position.  A number of agencies now provide e-mail notification.

Second, you can visit the government agencies in the locations that you're interested in.  Follow the same process as in the first option.

Third, look at our government job links and listings and review the job opportunities online.  E-mail or telephone regarding the jobs that you're interested in.

Government jobs are filled as either open, promotional, or exemptOpen jobs are open to non-civil service employees and civil service employees of that agency.   Promotional jobs are opportunities for only civil service employees of the agency announcing the job.  Promotional jobs may also be referred to as "promotive" or "promo".  

Exempt positions are exempt from civil service protection.  These positions are usually for limited (jobs of a limited duration), part-time positions or for executive positions where the job holder serves at the discretion of a top executive, council, or board.  Almost all government jobs are filled by establishing a list of eligible candidates through an examination process.

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