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Postal Service

Try the free online postal service sample questions and answers.  Guides with reader recommendations are in bold.

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  1. Automotive Mechanic (US Postal Service), Jack Rudman, 2013

  2. Building Equipment Mechanic (US Postal Service), Jack Rudman, 2005

  3. Cleaner, Custodian (US Postal Service), Jack Rudman, 2012

  4. The Comprehensive Postal Exam for 473/473-C (Barron's How to Prepare for the Comprehensive US Postal Service Examination), Jerry Bobrow, 2006

  5. Distribution Clerk, Machine (US Postal Service), Jack Rudman, 2004 

  6. Electronic Technician (US Postal Service), Jack Rudman, 2005

  7. Kaplan Postal Exam 473 & 473-C (2nd ed.), Lee Brainerd, 2009

  8. Maintenance Mechanic (Automated Mail Processing Equipment - USPS) , Jack Rudman, 2002

  9. McGraw-Hill's Postal Exams 473/473C, Mark Alan Stewart, 2007

  10. Pass the New Postal Test 473E, Angelo Tropea, 2010

  11. Post Office Jobs: Explore and Find Jobs, Prepare for the 473 and Locate All Local Job Opportunities, Dennis Damp, 2009 - RECOMMENDED

  12. Postal Electronic/Maintenance Mechanic Examination, Jack Rudman, 2013

  13. Postal Exam Book for 473 and 473-C, Albert Kim, 2013

  14. Postal Machine Mechanic, Jack Rudman, 2002











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