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ASVAB, Flight Aptitude, and
Officer Candidate

Guides with reader recommendations are in bold.  Reader recommended guides from Amazon are indicated.

ASVAB overview and Frequently Asked Questions.

ASVAB sample questions 




The most often requested study guides are listed below.  If you don't see the guide that you're looking for, enter the title of the guide in the "Keywords" search box below.



  1. Air Force Officer's Guide (35th Ed), Jeffrey C. Benton, 2008 - RECOMMENDED

  2. Airman's Guide, Boone Nicolls, 2011 - RECOMMENDED

  3. The Ultimate Air Force Basic Training Guidebook: Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Surviving Boot Camp, Nicholas Van Wormer, 2010


  1. Army Dictionary and Desk Reference, 3rd Ed., Tim Zurick, 2004

  2. Army Officer's Guide (51th Ed), 2009 - RECOMMENDED

  3. The Ultimate Interactive Basic Training Guidebook, Michael Volkin, 2007


  1. ASVAB for Dummies, Rod Power, 2010

  2. ASVAB AFQT for Dummies, Rod Power, 2014

  3. Ace's ASVAB CD Software Exambusters Study Cards, Elizabeth Burchard, 2007

  4. Master the ASVAB w/ CD (Arco Military Test Tutor), 8th ed., Peterson, 2012

  5. Master the ASVAB Basics, Ronald M. Kaprov, 2010   

  6. ASVAB w/CD (REA)-The Best Test Prep (Military (ASVAB) Test Preparation) Prep Kit, REA, 2009

  7. Barron's ASVAB, Terry Duran, 2012

  8. Barron's ASVAB Flash Cards, Barron's, 2014

  9. Kaplan ASVAB: 2015 Edition, Kaplan, 2014 - RECOMMENDED

  10. McGraw-Hill's ASVAB with CD-Rom, Dr. Janet E. Wall, 2013


  1. Barron's Military Flight Aptitude Tests, Terry Duran, 2014

  2. Helicopter Theory, Wayne Johnson, 1994

  3. Learning to Fly Helicopters (Tab Practical Flying Series), R. Randall Padfield, 2013

  4. Master the Military Flight Aptitude Test, Arco, 2012

  5. Military Flight Aptitude Test, Learning Express, 2009

  6. Principles of Helicopter Flight, W. J. Wagtendonk, 2006  

  7. Rotorcraft Flying Handbook: FAA, FAA, 2011


  1. The Marine Officer's Guide, 2008

  2. U.S. Marine Guidebook of Essential Subjects, Department of Defense, 1998 - RECOMMENDED

  3. The United States Marine Corps Workout Rev., Andrew Flach, 2004 - RECOMMENDED


  1. 507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices (Dover Science Books), Henry T. Brown, 2005

  2. How to Prepare for the Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests, Dr. Joel Wiesen, 2009

  3. Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests (7th Ed), Arco, 2010

  4. Mechanical Aptitude Test, Jack Rudman, 2003


  1. The Bluejacket's Manual (Bluejackets' Manual, 24th Ed), Thomas J. Cutler, 2009

  2. The Naval Institute Guide to Naval Writing, Robert Shenk, 2008

  3. The Naval Officer's Guide, Lesa McComas, 12th Ed, 2011 - RECOMMENDED


  1. CliffsTestPrep Officer Candidate Tests, Fred Grayson, 2004

  2. Master the Officer Candidate Tests (8th Ed), Petersons, 2009

  3. Officer Candidate Tests for Dummiest, Jane Burnstein, 2011

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