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What Makes A Great Manager?
Supervision tips and free resources.  Answers to supervision and management situations.


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Engineer-In-Training (EIT), Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Professional Engineer (PE) Engineer Certification

EIT/FE/PE information including test dates and test FAQ's by State.

Testing for a supervisor's position?  Review these resources in addition to the test guides below:

Need help for a specific subject such as word problems and math?  Click here for guides and free help for the most difficult test areas.

  • Complete Interview Guide
    Learn how to answer questions so that no matter what an interviewer asks you, you'll be calm, cool, and confident with 3 practice interviews.


  1. Building Codes Illustrated, Francis D. K. Ching, 2012 - RECOMMENDED

  2. International Building Code 2012 International Code Council, 2012 - RECOMMENDED

  3. International Energy Conservation Code 2012 International Code Council, 2011 

  4. International Fire Code 2012 International Code Council, 2011 

  5. International Fuel Gas Code 2011 International Code Council, 2011

  6. International Mechanical Code 2011 International Code Council, 2011 

  7. International Plumbing Code 2011 International Code Council, 2011

  8. International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings 2011 International Code Council, 2011

  9. National Electric Code 2011 National Fire Protection Council, 2010

  10. National Electric Safety Code 2012, David Marne, 2011

  11. Engineering Technician (Career Examination Series: C235), Jack Rudman, 2005 

  12. Junior Engineer, Jack Rudman, 2009


  1. 999 Nonquantitative Problems for FE Examination Review, Kenton Whitehead, 1997 - RECOMMENDED

  2. 1001 Solved Engineering Fundamentals Problems, Michael R. Lindeburg, 2005 

  3. Calculus Refresher for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (Engineering Licensing Exam and Reference Series), 1997

  4. Engineer-In-Training Reference Manual, Michael R. Lindeburg, 1992 

  5. FE/EIT AM w/CD-ROM (REA) - The Best Test Prep for the Engineer in Training Exam, N. U. Ahmed, 2007

  6. FE Review Manual: Rapid Preparation for the General FE Exam, Michael R. Lindeburg, 2010 - RECOMMENDED

  7. FE/EIT Sample Examinations, Michael R. Lindeburg, 2006 - RECOMMENDED

  8. Fundamentals of Engineering Supplied Reference Handbook, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, 2010 - RECOMMENDED

  9. Solutions Manual for the Engineer-In-Training Reference Manual (Engineering Reference Manual): Si Units, 1997


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