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Exam and test guides are organized by trade or function.  Below is a sample job with a breakdown of the test and specific study tips.

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Review is job bulletin for a Park Ranger position.  The bulletin typically includes a description of the duties of the job, the test(s) in the exam, and the scoring of each test.  Underline the key duties and key test subjects as we've done below.

Park Ranger Bulletin

A Park Ranger provides public assistance and emergency services, including first aid, crowd and traffic control, firefighting, and search and rescue; patrols City parks, beaches, and other facilities to ensure park security; interprets and enforces City regulations and Municipal and Penal Code sections regarding park use; prepares and presents interpretive nature and environmental programs; and may provide radio communication to ranger units. 

QUALIFYING MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST: Candidates must pass a qualifying multiple choice test which may examine for knowledge of triage criteria and emergency medical treatment; public relations, conflict resolution, and other interpersonal skills; reading comprehension; correct English usage; and other necessary knowledge and abilities. At the time of the multiple choice test, candidates will be required to complete a Park Ranger Training and Experience Questionnaire. 


  • Haven't taken a test in a while?  Jump start your study efforts by purchasing a study guide.  Pressed for time?  If you can't find an exact match, try a test guide for a position similar to the position you're testing for.  For example, you might review study guides for law enforcement if you're applying to be a Security Officer.
  • Review the free sample tests from various agencies.  The sample tests typically aren't as comprehensive as the study guides. Also check with your local public library or your school library.

EVALUATION OF OVERALL QUALIFICATIONS: This evaluation will take place only for candidates who achieve a passing score on the Qualifying Multiple Choice Test. The evaluation, conducted by a panel of subject matter experts based on job-related criteria, will consist of a review of the candidate's employment application, including background and training; the information contained in the Park Ranger Training and Experience Questionnaire; and the level of performance on the qualifying written test.


  • The "Evaluation of Overall Qualifications" is an interview and accounts for 100% as noted below in "Examination Weights".
  • Check the Internet for the latest trends and news in your profession.
  • Use the free mock interviews and resources at job-interview.net.  
  • Uncomfortable or nervous in interviews?  The Complete Interview Guide is available for both non-supervisory and supervisory jobs.  Match the key duties and key skills that you've underlined to possible interview questions.  

PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST: Candidates will be required to pass a Qualifying Physical Ability Test designed to measure agility, balance, strength, and endurance

Examination Weights:
Qualifying Multiple Choice Test . . . . . . . . . . Pass/Fail 
Physical Ability Test  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pass/Fail 
Evaluation of Overall Qualifications  . . . . . . . . . . 100% 


The most often requested study guides are listed below.  If you don't see the guide that you're looking for, enter the title of the job in the search box below.



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  1. Administrative Assistant's & Secretary's Handbook, James Stroman, 2007

  2. Complete Office Handbook (3rd ed.), Susan Jaderstrom, 2002

  3. The Valuable Office Professional: For Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Secretaries, and Other Support Staff, Michelle Burke, 1996 








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