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Civil Service Test Questions
Grammar and Vocabulary

Test yourself with grammar and vocabulary questions similar to the questions you'll find on a civil service test.

Add apostrophes where they're needed in the following:

1. Tennessee Williams play

2. two cents worth

3. three days wait

4. Its a shame.

5. a pennys worth

6. Whose car is it?

7. The change was OKd.

8. dos and donts

9. others dreams

10. the company and its employees

Answers: 1. Williams' or Williams's; 2. cents'; 3. days'; 4. It's; 5. penny's; 6. Whose (no apostrophe needed); 7. OK'd; 8. do's and don'ts; 9. others'; 10. its (no apostrophe needed)

Select the correct meaning for each of the following words:

1. Does cumbersome (adj.) mean cumulative wedge-shaped unwieldy?
2. Does grievous (adj.) mean hard to bear repellent kept safe?
3. Does particle (n.) mean a tiny fragment a separation a game bird?
4. Does epithet (n.) mean  a disparaging name a period of time an epic poem?
5. Does carmine (adj.) mean wordly purplish-red untroubled?
6.  Does placate (v.) mean to appease to assign to vex?
7.  Does recoil (v) mean to remember to fall back to reimburse? 
8. Does vitriolic (adj.) mean visible necessary extremely caustic?
9. Does writhe (v.) mean  movements to make twisting to treat roughly to desire?
10. Does jaunty (adj.) mean sprightly resentful golden?



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